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Recent Events

  • April 9th, 2016: Triton Day
  • Hundreds of UC San Diego staff and volunteers welcomed more than 15,000 admitted students and their families to UCSD Triton Day 2016. The day-long event provided students and visitors with the opportunity to explore UC San Diego’s campus, undergraduate colleges, academic departments, student services, student organizations, and other resources. Scripps Institution of Oceanography had a noticeable presence during Triton Day by enchanting prospective students with a 3D "virtual tour" of the Scripps Pier and research vessel Revelle through a custom virtual reality app designed by SIO Games.

  • Triton Day 2016 1
    Triton Day 2016 2

  • March 30th, 2016: Promise to Kids Program
  • SIO GAME’s Daniel Rohrlick was on site to demo the Quake Catcher game to high school seniors in the the Promise to Kids program via a collaborative project with UCSD Extension.

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