Tilt Trivia is a multiple player online interactive learning and assessment tool featuring up to 6 players competing in the same game space simultaneously. After each player creates their avatar, the quiz game begins. To answer a quiz question, players use simple keyboard controls to move their avatar to the correct answer. Each game is composed of 6-20 quiz questions and players earn points for each correct answer. In this fast paced game, questions have a countdown timer, forcing players to read the questions and select their answers quickly. Motivating the players to do their best, a leader board is displayed at the end of the game showing their rank and score. Tilt Trivia requires an internet connection and can be played on an internet browser with the Unity player plug-in installed.

The modular game design allows anyone to create a quiz specifically tailored to their needs. Quiz creation is simple! Using a Google Spreadsheet template (true/false or multiple-choice) you create a list of questions/answers, choose the avatars you want to use and a background image. Contact us about making a TiltTrivia game for you!