Innovative three-way partnership among
    Scripps Oceanography, UC San Diego Extension, and Elementary Institute of Science brings STEAM
    courses to San Diego youth high school students.

  • This partnership brings STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) curriculum to San Diego students.

    To find out more about the classes offered through this partnership, call (619) 263-2302 or email

    Learn more about our past courses that were offered at EIS!

    Fall 2015 classes

  • Introduction to Programming with Unity

    This introductory programming class will allow students to learn introductory concepts of computer science while using a videogame environment powered by the Unity game engine. This class will use the C# scripting language to teach topics in code structure and syntax, conditional statements, loops, functions, data structures, and creating and running simple scripts. Unity will be used not only as a visualization tool for our code, but course assignments will feature topics related to videogames such as handling user input, object collisions, interface design, and creating simple games. This class is designed for students with little to no prior programming experience.

    Instructor: Daniel Rohrlick
    Class Sessions: Two hours a week for 8 weeks (16 hours total)
    College Prep Credit Option: Yes

  • Introduction to Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

    In this class, students will learn basic concepts of robotics technology and build robots using the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kit. In each class, students will be tasked with building and programming simple robots that can accomplish scientific tasks. For example, building a remote control system to guide their robots to acquire rock samples and using basic flowchart programming to develop simple artificial intelligence to create autonomous robots. Working in groups, students will compete in a final science instrument deployment competition using their semi-automatic robots. No prior experience with robotics or programming is required.

    Instructor: Alan Yang
    Class Sessions: Two hours a week for 8 weeks (16 hours total)
    College Prep Credit Option: Yes

  • Messy Science

    Boom, crash, zip, slide! An overview of glaciers, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, permafrost, sea level rise and tsunamis. Hands on lab experiments. Design things, test things, throw things and stomp on things.

    Instructor: Dr. Sasha Carter
    Class Sessions: Two hours a week for 8 weeks (16 hours total)
    College Prep Credit Option: Yes

  • How to make a disaster movie based on real science

    Disaster movies are packed with action and adventure, but often the science depicted in disaster movies is simply wrong. In this class students create a geo-science based disaster movie (coming up with the script plot, writing dialog, creating props, acting and filming), in doing so they learn how to include science accurately. For example, gravity isn’t just a good idea it’s the law, what goes up must come down, earthquakes can’t “swallow” someone and tsunamis can’t be generated in an arid desert with no water in sight. Class topics vary session to session, so students can repeat this class as often as they like.

    Instructors: Dr. Leah Ziegler & Dr. Erica Mitchell
    Class Sessions: Two hours each day for one week (10 hours total)
    College Prep Credit Option: Yes

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