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   Tilt Trivia is a free app that includes a suite of Jeopardy! quiz-style games focused on geoscience. Multiple players (up to 5) to play together in one game space. The purpose of the TILT TRIVIA app is to help students learn simple definitions and facts related to geoscience. The game requires a room host, who sets up a playspace with a designated room name. Once the room is created, the host can invite others to join. After each player chooses and names an avatar, the quiz begins. To answer a quiz question, one simply tilts their tablet until their avatar lands on the correct answer marker (true or false). The game space continually tilts in different directions, making it difficult to maintain your current position without continually counter-tilting your device to avoid sliding off to the side of the gameboard. Each game is composed of six-ten quiz questions and players earn points for each correct answer. The game has a countdown timer, forcing players to answer questions quickly. A leaderboard is displayed at the end of the game ranking players and showing their score. The modular game design allows anyone to create a quiz specifically tailored to their needs. Contact us about making a Tilt Trivia game for you! Download the game now from the iTunes and GooglePlay stores!

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